Get involved

Deadline for contributions has been extended until 2 October2021

How to submit a contribution to the forum

Schools are invited to participate by submitting a poster or a short video of up to 3 minutes. This should be focused on a very specific topic which will portray the school experience with SELFIE, but which will also help other schools to develop their digital strategy and action plan.

Submissions will be published online and shared with forum participants.

Prepare your contributions


Please submit in English. In case of video submissions you can use your national language, but you will need to include subtitles in English.


• Posters (in pdf form) created with any software most accessible to the schools. There is an option for interested schools to use e-posters (see our template and other colleagues work’s in the exhibition space). To get access to these e-posters licenses, schools may contact us at

• Videos: No longer than 3 minutes

• Images, animations, drawings for students: no specific format requirements

How to submit

Please send your contributions by email to:
Subject: contributions for SELFIE Forum 2021, from + “name of your school”

If you have problems submitting your contribution, please contact us.

2nd October 2021